How Yoga Helps In Reducing Back Pain

Hatha yoga is most common and widely accepted yoga practice in the world. Hatha yoga is a physical form that incorporates a series of various yoga postures which rely on Pranayama, a well defined breathing technique in yoga. Yoga provides a wide range of mental and physical benefits to the practitioner with some basic and complex postures when accompanied with breathing techniques. Yoga Reduces Back Pain

Physical Benefits of Yoga Practices:

  • Strengthening body parts – Yoga practices strengthen some specific muscles and group of muscles. Yoga requires use of specific muscles of the body along with concentration by holding on a yoga postures. Holding on to a yoga posture for specified time incorporated with various movements and breathing techniques gives strength to the muscles.

    There are many yoga postures which gently support and strengthen the abdominal muscles as well as muscles of the back which are essential components of the spine muscular network that helps the body to maintain upright posture and movement properly. Back pain can be reduced greatly when these muscular network of spine are in good natural condition. Back pain can be completed cured by regular practice of a set of yoga postures specially structured to support the back muscles and spine.

  • Reduce tension with stretching and relaxation – Yoga practice reduces tension in stressed muscles with the help of stretching and relaxation. When yoga practitioner holds the muscle in a posture for 10-60 seconds then certain muscles stretch while other muscles flex which promote flexibility and relaxation in joints and muscles.

    Stretching and relaxation is very important for people suffering from back pain as it expands the motion in the area and helps reducing stress across the back. Additionally, yoga increases blood circulation which allows the flow of nutrients in and toxins out thus nourishing soft tissues and muscles in the back area.

Maintaining the natural curvature of the spine also reduces and avoids back pain which requires good posture and alignment of the spine which can be achieved by practicing yoga.