About Us

Yoga School India is an authorized institution to offer effective Yoga courses in Rishikesh, India. It is affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA and registered to organize certified Yoga Teacher Training programs according to the norm set by Yoga Alliance USA.
Yoga School India
Association for Yoga and Meditation has been established with an aim to create peace on the planet earth with the help of an ancient art of living which is popularly known as Yoga. The main objective of AYM is to help people minimizing any kind of physical disorders and mental disturbances such as panic, stress, depression in their personal and professional life by following healthy lifestyle as mentioned in ancient scriptures of Yogic sciences. The formulation of simple and effective yoga training courses which are easy to practice can help people get rid of all such unwanted emotions from their life.

The traditional yogic lessons which includes various postures, meditation, pranayama, detoxification and stress management methods have been helping many people who come to AYM centers from around the world. Association for Yoga and Meditation is inviting people to experiment and understand the integral natural yoga practices which are easy to learn and practice along with the environment that better suit to pursue different aspects of Yogic sciences to meet of goal of cultivating peace, bliss, health, harmony and prosperity as well as to realize the individual potentiality to experience the unity with the universal self.

It has combined various authentic and established wisdom of Yoga like Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Tantric YOga to offer human excellence in every aspect human life such as personal, professional, social and religious.

History of AYM:
Yoga is a science of well-being but there was a time when people know less about it which resulted in chaos situation in every individuals life full of physical disorders and mental disturbances like stress and depression. Looking into the statistics, an organized approach towards re-establishing our traditional lifestyle synchronizing the modern way of living has been made by some renowned Yogis in India. As a result of their effort, Association for Yoga and Meditation came into existence in the month of September 2005.

The mission of AYM is to bring back the reputation of Yoga and to spread its glory all over the world by focusing on ancient and traditional standards of Yoga nationwide. Therefore, to initiate and accomplish the mission, some of the most popular and renowned Yogis such as Rakesh Kumar Shastry, Yogacharya Chakardhar Khuswaha, Yogi Chetan Mahesh and Yogacharya Balmukund Singh came forward with their expertise in the field of Yoga to build a Yoga foundation and registered Association for Meditation and Yoga (AYM) with the government of India. There are many AYM schools in Rishikesh, India growing with scientific approach applying modern technlogical methods to help the aspirants learn and practice Yoga in its original and traditional form.

The effort of these Yoga Gurus was so genuine that AYM bacame the member of International Yoga Federation (IYF) in the same year which made Association for Meditation and Yoga national organization in India. Now, the yoga aspirants graduated from AYM can be registred in International Yoga Federation to get an internationally recognized certificate. National Yoga Association organizes yoga retreats and sports in many countries of the world at national level and the winner of the event become eligible to participate and represent in international events organized by International Yoga Federation. The very next year in 2006, Association for Meditation and Yoga passed a resolution to establish a monitoring and administrative body to set and manage international standards of yoga which is now known as National Yoga Alliance.

Association for Meditation and Yoga (AYM) has spread the glory of yoga and its teachings in its very traditional form to educate people about it and its importance in day to day life. It is hence, become National Educational Organisation of India. The organisation has worked towards developing, integrating and promoting yoga all around the world by setting up standards for proving authentic Yoga Training courses and advertising yoga at every nook and corner of the globe.


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