Yoga Alliance USA Certified 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Yoga is answer for almost all physical and mental disorders in modern life. Yoga is both prevention and remedy! People who practice yoga live a joyful healthy life encountering fitness issues far too less than those who do not practice it in their daily life. Yoga has its root in India and spread across all the boundaries through the world. Its impact on daily life of an individual is such that it has been recognised as an important activity to be included in every person’s life. This is the reason for establishing international monitoring and administrative body like International Yoga Federation (IYF) and Yoga Alliance to set up standards for teaching Yoga in its original and traditional form through very scientific procedures. Yoga schools affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA are authorized to offer various Yoga certification courses which are recognised world wide. To be a certified Yoga Teacher, one has get this certificate of Yoga instructor.
200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training
Om shankar Yoga is affilaited to Yoga Alliance USA and is authorised to offer various Yoga Teacher Training courses as per the standard set by Yoga Alliance USA. It offers Yoga courses from the basic 200 hours YTT for beginners to advanced 300 hours YTT for advanced yoga aspirants and integrated 500 hours YTT as a combined course for people who are seeking the deepest knowledge of yoga for spiritual awareness and self realization.

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Om Shankar Yoga additionally includes some extra activities to cultivate qualities required for the aspirants to be an excellent yoga instructor such as educational methodologies, proper interaction with students by observation, assistance and correction on even a smaller mistakes by demonstrating yoga postures and pranayama techniques as well as providing information on yoga educational enterprise. Om Shankar Yoga has supplemented these specific data through intensive understanding of physiology and anatomy which is very important and can be considered as vital for Yoga Teacher Training courses. It is expected that after completion of 200 hours YTT from Om Shankar Yoga, the aspirants will be able to distinctively recognize the bodily or physical anatomy i.e. physical methods, body organs including inner structures and components etc. and physiology i.e. different types of chakras and their locations and importance, number of nadis and their location along with functionalities and the movement of pranas, etc. as well as the energetic anatomy. Study of yoga philosophy is also an essential part of 200 hours yoga teacher training.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training includes:

1. Hatha Yoga.
2. Ashtanga Vinyasa
3. Pranayama
4. Meditation
5. Teaching methodology.

You’ll learn yoga Postures and methods, diets, positive attitude and inner peace, yoga moves.
This is an well known fact that yoga is helping people reducing obesity and controlling weight gain, blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress as well as it also help in controlling heart related disorders.


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